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Takaoka-City, with its 400 year history, has avoided the ravages of war and still retains the old-time atmosphere of the Edo period. Since the first Kohachiro opened a metal casting workshop in 1860, Ohtera Kohachiro Shouten has been associated with Takaoka Bronzeware.
At present, we have opened our house up to the public with manufactures’ and wholesalers’ goods set up as a gallery. Please feel the spirit of the local artists including works by my son. Enjoy the moment in a space which you can feel history.

Introducing our new PHOTO GALLERY.

We'd like all HP visitors to know more about Otera Kohachiro Shouten so the page previously called as CAFÉ corner has been reformed and is now called PHOTO GALLERY, showing more pictures of the house.

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Happy Animal series (Oriental Zodiac) 2016, "Happy Monkey" is now available.

Yuusuke Hayashi's popular series now includes "Happy Monkey". They come in two colours: gold(original copper color) and black. Both colours are available both on-line or in the shop.


There are many new items on our on-line shop.
So many other items from Takaoka are waiting to be uploaded to our on-line shop (we'll be adding them onto this page whenever we can). So please wait and see.We'll keeo you updated with our new items.

For Overseas Customers
Please feel free to contact us by an e-mail first.
E-mail : olineshop@oterako8ro.com

Otera HOUSE is Open!
Otera house is available to those who want to have an event, a party, a conference etc. This house is located behind Otera Kohachiro-shoten, which has a small kitchen, rental gallary and event space. Please click the button on right side about price etc.!